Summer Schedule for Growling Door

We’re going to be at both Origins Game Fair (Columbus, Ohio, June 13-16) and GenCon (Indianapolis, Indiana, August 15-18). Some details? OK, then!

Origins: We have a booth! We’re booth #444. We’re in the back of the exhibit hall, not far from Reaper minis. We’ll be selling copies of curse the darknessA Tragedy in Five Acts and (hopefully) The Road to Hell on Earth, our fiction anthology inspired by curse the darkness. I’ll also be at the Indie Games on Demand room, running games. My slots are: 

  • Thursday, 9AM-1PM
  • Thursday, 8PM-12AM
  • Friday, 8PM-12AM
  • Sunday, 9AM-1PM

Happy to run curse the darkness or A Tragedy in Five Acts during those times! (I’ll have other options, as well, including Misspent Youth and probably Dread, but I’ll probably try and steer you toward our games. You know how it is.)

Now, at GenCon, we’re sharing booth space at the Indie Game Developer Network Booth, which is booth #571. Again, near the back. If you aimed for the Family Fun Pavilion, stepped a row right, and then walked strait back, you’d find us. 

I’m planning on running some games for Indie Games on Demand at GenCon as well, but I don’t know when yet. I’ll make that announcement as soon as I’m sure. Also, in addition to all of the cool stuff I mentioned before, we’ll have copies of the Infinite Shadows: The curse the darkness Companion at the aforementioned booth! I’ll be doing some previewing of the awesomeness in that book later this week, but in brief: rules for curse the darkness for Fate, Savage Worlds, the Storyteller System and Powered by the Apocalypse, plus the ghost rules and some surprises! 

Hope to see everyone at one con or the other (or both!) this summer!


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