Monthly Archives: August 2013

Got the book? Get the PDF!

As a reminder, if you purchased curse the darkness or A Tragedy in Five Acts at GenCon or FanExpo, you’re entitled to get the pdf as well. Drop us an email with where you got it, or even a quick snapshot of the book if you’d like, and let us know what to email address to send […]

Labyrinth Games in DC has Tragedy!

Today, Labyrinth Games and Puzzles in Washington, DC is hosting “A Taste of ‘Shakespearean’ Roleplaying Games!” Check out the link here to register for game times: There’s one slot left for A Tragedy in Five Acts! Get thee hence and play!

Tragedy Gets a Mention on io9!

So check out this article on, listing some awesome story games. Who’s on that list? We are! (We’re stoked.)   We’re at GenCon still, at the Indie Game Developer Network booth (#571), and we have copies of Tragedy (and other books!) on sale. Please come check us out!

Growling Door at GenCon!

This weekend is GenCon, and Growling Door will be there! First, the bad news: The curse the darkness Companion will not be on sale at GenCon. We couldn’t get the print version done in time, so it’ll be available probably in September in print. The pdf will go on sale on Thursday, August 15. But now […]