Growling Door Games Summer Schedule

It’s summer again, and with summer comes gaming conventions!

As usual, Growling Door is going to be at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH (next week!) and GenCon in Indianapolis (August 13-16).

So here’s what’s going on!


We’re going to be at the Indie Game Developer Network booth (#224, right across from Indie Press Revolution). We also have the following games running:

  • curse the darknessOur post-apocalyptic game of shadow-monsters and death, using the Fate Accelerated system! Thursday at 2PM.
  • curse the darkness: As above, but using the acclaimed Apocalypse World engine! Friday at 2PM. I think this one is sold out, but because of the way Origins event registration works, I can’t get into the system to check (this is also why I can’t tell you where these games are taking place).
  • A Tragedy in Five Acts: Our Shakespearean-tragedy emulator story game. Normally, setting creation is part of the game, but I’ve found that it takes too long to do that and play the game all the way through. So this time, I have the setting already done. We’re doing tragedy in the wake of a kaiju attack, survivors acting out their own dramas in the ruined city. First thing we’ll do: Make up the monster.


We’re at the IGDN Booth once again (it’s booth #1539, and you can see the map here). IGDN has its own room for games – it’s the Marriott, ballroom 7. You can see all of the IGDN’s games here. A lot of them are sold out, but there are still a goodly number available, and if you want to play something specific, head to that ballroom or the booth and ask! We want people playing our games, after all.

You can find our games with that link; we’ve got various games of curse the darkness and a couple of games of Tragedy (I’m running the kaiju one – can still get tickets!). But we also have several sessions of Daedalus, our upcoming cyberpunk setting!

You can learn more about Daedalus here, but in brief: it’s effectively three games in one, focusing on different parts of the setting using different systems. Rob Wieland is running some games using the Fate rules, I’m running a session using Gumshoe, and Jonathan Lavallee is running a couple of sessions using the Apocalypse World engine – and those last games still have tickets available! Go snap ’em up!

See you, we hope, at one or both cons!


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