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Who are your favorite Chill characters?

Something interesting happened when I posted the playtest game the other day. A couple of people commented that they remembered those characters, and it made them happy to see again.  Doing a nostalgia product is risky in some ways. You want the game to be recognizable, but not a reprint. You want to give the […]

SAVE is On Your Side

In the Things sourcebook for Chill 2nd Edition, an in-character preface by Rev. Samual D. Farthings concludes with, “Remember, if all else fails, God and SAVE are on your side.” That line, I think, crystallizes what Chill is about for me.  Horror games aren’t exactly thin on the ground these days. They weren’t as common in the 80s […]

Chill Playtest – The Blood Trade

So, last night I ran a playtest session of Chill, using some of the changes we’ve made to the system. I’m not going to talk too much about those changes here, because they’re still in flux, but I will say that we’re definitely accomplishing our goals of simplifying the system and removing as much of […]