Monthly Archives: October 2014

Chill Movies – Cinematic Inspiration

I had a brief conversation on Twitter recently in which someone asked me for examples of the mood of Chill, particularly in media. I’m something of a cinephile, so I started thinking of movies that I think exemplify Chill, and the overall genre that I think makes me think of the game is “found footage.” Movies like V/H/S, Blair […]

Chill Excerpt: Creatures of the Unknown

Below is an excerpt from the Creatures of the Unknown chapter of Chill Third Edition, written by Meghan Fitzgerald and Danielle Lauzon. Note that this is a first draft, so you might see typos or mistakes – it hasn’t been through development or editing yet. Don’t forget, the Kickstarter goes until 10/31, and we’re 91% […]

Kickstarter is live!

Our Kickstarter for Chill 3rd Edition launched on 10/1, and we’re already just under 50%! We have another 28 days – plenty of time to burn through all our amazing stretch goals. But we need to hit our funding goal first, so please back and please spread the word!