Sample Case: Cold Dark Earth

Hello! We’ve made a couple of changes to the site, and I want to tell you about them.

First, we’ve added a link so that you can buy the Chill hardcover from Indie Press Revolution. The book will be available in Print on Demand at DriveThruRPG, as well, though it’ll be slightly more expensive (because it’s considerably more expensive to print them there than to sell from our Kraken print run). Also, we’ll be adding a link to buy the Boxed Set directly from our site; that should be up by the end of next week, hopefully sooner.

Second, if you check our Resources page, you’ll notice that under Chill, we’ve added a new subsection for Cases. The first case there is for Cold Dark Earth, which is a game I wrote to run at conventions this past summer. I had to flesh it out a little more thoroughly than I normally do (typically when I run Chill games I do a lot of improvisation and take notes), because I had a couple other folks running it and I wanted to keep it more or less uniform. So, since, one of the most common questions I get asked about Chill is “where are the published adventures?” I figured I’d hammer out a few more of the details, have Thomas the Layout Wizard give it a quick layout pass, and put it up on the site for you.

Now, obviously it’s not publish-in-a-book level of details, because if it were, I’d…publish it in a book. It’s runnable, though, and I will happily answer any questions folks have about it.

The obvious question is: Will there be other cases up on the site? The answer is: Yes, but my schedule is pretty booked, so they’re likely to be sporadic. That said, if other Chill Masters want to write up sample cases in a similar format and send them my way, I’d be willing to put them up here, to kind of create a repository of cases that folks can draw on.

Our next book for Chill will be SAVE: The Eternal Society, and we’re planning on running a Kicskstarter for it in October (but I’ll do a special announcement about that when we have a firm date). Until then, I would love to hear about people’s experiences playing and running Chill!


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  1. John M. Kahane · · Reply

    Hullo, Matt, Michelle,

    This is excellent news to hear, and I’m looking forward to the Kickstarter coming up in October and all.

    Thanks for putting up the “Cold Dark Earth” scenario. 🙂 Have read it over, and looks really good. I may run this at a convention next year, or perhaps as a demo at a game store sometime in the near future. I can now use that scenario (and I guess the format of the adventure about Good Fences) as a guideline to writing the two adventures that I’m planning for CanGames here in Ottawa in May.

    Good stuff. 🙂

    And yes, I’ve started running CHILL on my gaming groups. The first session was this past Sunday, and you can read about it on my blog:

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