SAVE Needs Cases – And You Can Help!

Hey, all! Growling Door Games is going to launch our next Kickstarter on Tuesday, October 13th, at 9AM EST. The Kickstarter is for SAVE: The Eternal Society, a sourcebook for Chill 3rd Edition about the Societas Argenti Viae Eternitata. Michelle Lyons-McFarland is acting as lead developer on the book, which will include:

  • Artifacts and firsthand accounts detailing the trials and tribulations of the Society.
  • Details on the destruction of the SAVE Archives in 1989
  • Information on the infiltration in 2000, and how Hayat Nejem brought SAVE back from the brink of destruction
  • An in-depth exploration of how various types of SAVE headquarters operate, approach cases, and manage their envoys
  • Discussion of what being a SAVE envoy does to a person, and why envoys carry on in their fight regardless of the cost
  • Creatures of the Unknown, including old favorites like the betrayer and the ganabe, and new creations for 3rd Edition
  • New Edges & Drawbacks for SAVE envoys!
  • Four new cases to challenge your players!

Cases and Photos

We’re doing something news for this Kickstarter, and we need your help to make it work. For every hundred backers, we’ll be producing a new scenario, free for download from our Resources page! You can see an example of such a case on that page now (Cold Dark Earth). Our free Quickstart, Good Fences Make Good Neighbors, is also available for download here.

As inspiration for those cases, though, we’re asking folks to take pictures of spooky, strange, or just interesting things in their area, and post them on social media with a quick request for SAVE for help and the hashtag #SAVEisonyourside. For example:

Three disappearances in two years. They walk into the corn and never come out. #SAVEisonyourside

Three disappearances in two years. They walk into the corn and never come out. #SAVEisonyourside

Post these pictures wherever you’d like – Facebook, Twitter, G+, and so on. Just make sure we can see them, and maybe comment here, ping our Twitter (@GrowlingDoor), comment on our Facebook or G+ pages, and let us know so we can pass the photos along to the good folks writing the cases.

We hope to see you Tuesday, over on Kickstarter! Thanks for being part of Chill!


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  1. […] tip to Matt McFarland of Growling Door Games. His call for creepy pictures to promote a supplement for Chill 3rd Ed. ultimately tipped the scales so that rather than driving by these landmarks I actually bothered to […]

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