Chill Update: Your Favorite Monsters


The majestic and terrifying hodag.

Over here at Growling Door, we’re beginning work on the next Chill supplement, tentative titled Fearsome Beasts. It’s a creature sourcebook in the style of some of the 2nd edition books such as Apparitions and Lycanthropes, in that it’s going to be part in-character document that examines how SAVE views certain types of creatures, part resource for the CM. Obviously, we’re going to include some new creatures of the Unknown and some cases, but also some new Edges & Drawbacks for players to sink their teeth into (or, more properly, that will help characters avoid having teeth sunk into them).

Right now, I’m deciding which creatures to include. I know I’m going to include the hodag up there, and I’m thinking we’ll do a section on construct-like creatures; gargoyles and golems and so forth. Still thinking how I want to approach that last one. They might do better in the book about magic and the Art, since they’re created by people (that book, by the way, is in the brainstorming phases now because we have some new systems we need to playtest!).

So: If you have monsters that you love from old Chill books or just from mythology, let’s hear them! We’re using the definition of “monster” that SAVE uses, from the Garrett System (p. 262 of Chill 3rd gets into it, but in brief, it’s a creature of the Unknown that was never human and doesn’t fall into the other categories – it’s not undead, a lycanthrope, etc.).

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  1. Hmmmm “was never human” does eliminate quite a bit, but:

    • Evil and animated toys like puppet people (or the doll master, which is technically a ghost).
    • The infamous Mean Old Neighborhood Lady (who has already gotten some attention).
    • The Haunted House (as Creature unto itself).

    Particularly the infusion of the ordinary and innocent with sinister Unknown power.

  2. I don’t want to spoil the creature, but I would like you to update the creature from ‘Crime Magazine’, in ‘Evenings of Terror’. I think it is significantly more relevant and terrifying now than it was then.

  3. jkahane · · Reply

    Hullo, Matt,

    There are some rather interesting creatures and beasties out of Native American mythology that I would love to see in the game. One of them, the Stoneclad (Inyan suuk), I actually statted up for the “Beast of Bytown” scenario that I’ve run at convention. I also created another one based on an Indian legend, and used that in the scenario that I ran.

    If you’d like me to send the creature stats over to you, let me know. 🙂


  4. Patricio Gonzaga · · Reply

    How about introducing some Demons: Succubi, Rakshasa, Pazuzu, Asmodeus, Vodyanoy…

    Also, I’d love to see the Sasquatch/Yeti from Horrors of North America make the transition to 3rd Ed.

  5. How about some demons: Succubi, Rakshasa, Asmodeus, Vodyanoy. Also, I’d love to see the Sasquatch (from Horrors of North America) make the transition to 3rd edition.

  6. I would be thrilled with some of the wonderfully imaginative creatures from the original “Things” particularly the Bast and She-Creature. At the risk of pushing my luck here, any thoughts about introducing modern tropes such as Slender man or the Rake?

  7. How about demons? Asmodeus, Pazuzu, Succubi, Rakshasa, Noppera-bō (Japanese faceless demon), Vodyanoi, etc. –

    1. Holy cats, I’m sorry, I thought I’d approved this comment a while back. You’re not going mad, I promise. 🙂

      As to the larger question, I’m gonna make a blog post about demons in Chill because it comes up a lot.

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