Monthly Archives: July 2017

Don’t Fear the Smartphone

Today’s post is written by Rob Wieland. Rob is an author, blogger, pop culture writer and game designer that writes about pirates, gangsters, Jedi, dragons, zombies and whatever else pays. He is most well-known for his work on Firefly RPG, Star Wars Saga Edition, Shadowrun and CAMELOT Trigger. Other projects include work on Honor and Intrigue, Edge of Midnight, Hillfolk, Our Last Best Hope, 7th Sea/Swashbuckling Adventures, Night’s Black […]

Fear is a Riptide

We’re going to do a blog post about fear, horror, Chill, and related topics once a week until October 2 in preparation for the launch of the Undead Kickstarter on October 3rd. Today’s post is by Undead contributing author David Castro. You can read David’s writing about RPGs on, and find him on Twitter or on Tumblr. […]

Thank You, Mr. Romero

The point of this blog post is to announce that we’re working the next Chill 3rd Edition sourcebook, and it’s titled The Undead. I had intended to take this opportunity to talk about using the undead in Chill games and the various ways I’ve done it over the years, to talk about some of my favorite media inspirations […]