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Daedalus: A Recap

Hi, Michelle here! This is cross-posted to my blog. So there’s a game I’ve been working on (or rather, it’s been simmering on the back burner) for *mumble* years now. It’s a cyberpunk game called Daedalus. You see, I wrote a setting way back in the 2000s for a company called Guardians of Order, which […]

Ennie Voting – Please Vote!

Greetings! The Ennie Awards are upon us once again, and once again, Chill has a nomination (we were nominated a couple of years ago in Best Free Product for the Chill Quickstart, Good Fences Make Good Neighbors). This year, Monsters is nominated for Best Writing. Obviously I’m very proud to have been nominated, especially in writing. I wrote Monsters […]