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Noodles Please

Lucy reached for the glass of water. Her hand stopped about halfway there. Dammit. She felt her breath catch in her throat, and she tried to breathe deep so that she wouldn’t cry again. She hated it when her son saw her cry. Bam-Bam was in the kitchen making dinner. She still thought of him […]


“No way.” She was the worst kind of parent. Absolutely my least favorite. She wasn’t undereducated or slow or poor or rich; those parents all came with their own challenges, but there was always an approach that tended to work. No, this lady was well-informed, and that was a lot harder to work with. Lots […]

No Problem

Tina tapped on the door. “What are you doing?” Rey hissed. His accent got stronger when he was scared. Tina thought it was cute, but she figured she’d tell him later. Maybe. “I want to see if anyone’s in there.” She tapped again. “But if they hear us-” “They won’t.” Leah shook her head, braids […]