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New Pal

Tim pulled his shirt up and wiped his face with it. The shirt was black, and the sweat left a shiny smear just under the Batman symbol. His mom would’ve yelled at him if she’s seen it, but they never let parents in during recruitment. Marius sat down against the wall. He was sweating, too. […]

Chill Update: Your Favorite Monsters

Over here at Growling Door, we’re beginning work on the next Chill supplement, tentative titled Fearsome Beasts. It’s a creature sourcebook in the style of some of the 2nd edition books such as Apparitions and Lycanthropes, in that it’s going to be part in-character document that examines how SAVE views certain types of creatures, part resource for the CM. […]

No Problem

Tina tapped on the door. “What are you doing?” Rey hissed. His accent got stronger when he was scared. Tina thought it was cute, but she figured she’d tell him later. Maybe. “I want to see if anyone’s in there.” She tapped again. “But if they hear us-” “They won’t.” Leah shook her head, braids […]

Skills And What they Mean

I was having an email discussion with a Chill fan (and backer of our current Kickstarter, which I would love for you to back!) about skills and specializations in Chill 3rd Edition, and it led to some musing on the nature of “skills” in RPGs, which I would like to share with you. Think of this as […]

Chill Movies – Cinematic Inspiration

I had a brief conversation on Twitter recently in which someone asked me for examples of the mood of Chill, particularly in media. I’m something of a cinephile, so I started thinking of movies that I think exemplify Chill, and the overall genre that I think makes me think of the game is “found footage.” Movies like V/H/S, Blair […]

SAVE is On Your Side

In the Things sourcebook for Chill 2nd Edition, an in-character preface by Rev. Samual D. Farthings concludes with, “Remember, if all else fails, God and SAVE are on your side.” That line, I think, crystallizes what Chill is about for me.  Horror games aren’t exactly thin on the ground these days. They weren’t as common in the 80s […]

Press Release: Growling Door Games to Publish New Edition of Chill

For Immediate Release: 6-13-2014 Growling Door Games Acquires License For Chill RPG US Roleplaying Game Publisher Brings Back Classic Horror Game  Cleveland, OH: Today, Growling Door Games, Inc. is proud to announce that they have entered into a licensing agreement with Martin Caron, the owner of the Chill RPG. The agreement gives Growling Door Games […]